11 Tips Cope with Exam Stress and Succeed

11 tips to cope with exam stress

Exams are approaching and they are a great source of stress. Basically, exams are an important part of every student’s life. A little stress is a good thing as it pushes us to our aim or goal to succeed. Though sometimes the stress goes beyond the limit and it affects the studies of the students especially during final exams. At that time, it is very difficult to cope with exam stress.

So as exams are approaching it is very vital to deal with the stress and work hard on your studies without getting it affected. Here are some of the tips that you can use to get relief from the stress and focus more on your studies. Hope these tips and ideas can get you in a better comfort zone and make you feel better before your exams.

Here are the 11 best tips to cope with exam stress and focus on studies –

1. Do Early Revisions – As revision before submitting your exam sheet is a good thing the same goes with revisions before exams. Always try to schedule your studies in a way that you can finish the studies a day or at least some hours before the exam. Now invest the remaining time to revise the whole syllabus. This will help you to remember the things that you studied and also to take note of things you are forgetting.

healthy food to cope with exam stress

2. Eat Healthy Meal – Preparing for the exams and studying hard for it is itself a breathtaking exercise. So you need to have a proper and healthy diet during the exam days just like you need during gym days. Focus on and take a meal that has all 5 necessary and essential (protein, carbohydrates, fats minerals, and vitamins) in it. Drink black tea as it is helpful in reducing stress. Also, eat dark chocolate (in small amounts) as it fights to reduce stress hormones.

3. Keep your study room and desk clean – It is a fact that clean surroundings will help you to focus more on the studies. Messier is the desk and room messier your mind will be. If you don’t keep your surroundings clean the mind will reflect the same and you will end up losing your focus in studies. So do take a few minutes in the beginning and also at the end of your studies to clean your study desk and room.

4. Study in Examination Room Scenario – It is a psychology that works sometimes. Try to study and write question papers of last year in the examination hall type scenario. It will help a lot sometimes and you can take it as a rehearsal before exams. Also, judge the situation and try to adapt to them, it will help on the exam day.

yoga to cope with exam stress

5. Exercise and Yoga – Aerobic exercise can help you reduce stress. So, perform the regular aerobic exercise at least for half an hour a day. A walk can also do magic for you in the early morning. Also, a running exercise can also help you to reduce the stress of exams. Regular Yoga session during the exam days can help you by making your mood good and body refreshed.

6. Listen to Music and Be Happy – Music is a great remedy to reduce stress. Also, singing songs can help in the same. Slow, classical and soft music can do magic by keeping you calm and stress-free. Just by lowering your blood pressure and relaxing your mind, singing and listening to music can do wonders during the exam days.

7. Take Regular Breaks – First thing first, don’t study for long hours continuously. Take short and regular breaks after an hour or two. In this way, you can keep your mind fresh and focus on study in a better way. A 20 minutes break after a couple of hours can help you a lot and in these 20 minutes don’t think about studies at all. So take regular breaks and don’t get your mind tired.

keep phones aside and cope with exam stress

8. Keep Your Phone Aside – It’s always better to stay away from the thing that distracts you. The mobile phone is one such thing so it is always better to keep it aside. Apart from this, various researches show that mobile phones cause stress to people with a negative effect on health too. So it is always said that you need to stay away from mobiles during the exam days.

9. Believe in Yourself – Last but not the least, believe in yourself. You are the one who can do anything and you have to motivate yourself for the same. Never underestimate yourself and never think negative during those days of exams. If you believe you can then you definitely can but if you think negative then there is no force in the world that can help you. So always stay positive and believe in yourself.

10. Speak to Others – If your mood is swinging regularly due to extreme or medium stress levels, it’s always great to talk about it with someone who can guide you. So when you feel like struggling in controlling stress talk to someone. Even if you talk to a friend and have some funny and regular gossip with a friend can help you to change your mood and reduce stress.

sound sleep to cope with exam stress

11. Take a Sound Sleep – Even though you are taking regular breaks and eating proper diet still you need a night of proper sleep to help your stress reduction.  As per the studies; if you cut down your sleeping hours it will help in increasing stress level. There is a unique relationship between sleep and stress. More stress won’t help you with sound sleep and sound sleep can keep you away from stress.

So these are the 11 tips that can help you cope with exam stress and are also backed by researches and facts.

tips to cope with exam stress

And do remember that in the end examinations are not the last door of the world. Don’t think that life is over and you need to focus only on studies to beat the exam stress. Try to enjoy life and you will see that you can easily cope with exam stress.

Taking examinations as the end of the world is a serious mistake that students make and isolate themselves. You need to have fun and enjoy life even if there are final exams ahead because this is a thing that can help you to reduce stress during exam days and help to score well in exams.

Always remember that your life is more important than exams. So try to cope with exam stress and get succeeded by scoring good marks.

All the best for your exams…

Anoop Bhandari

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