Hug Day Status for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram

Happy Hug Day 2020 Status

Hugs and kisses convey a warm message to your loved ones. On the seventh day in the week of Valentine’s (12th February 2020), Hug day offers some special moments for the lovebirds. A tightly loving hug or heartfelt wishes and messages for the one living far away can make your Hug Day the perfect one. Here is the collection of the best Hug Day Status for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Hug Day Status for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram
Hug Day Status for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram

So, what to send as a wish on this amorous day? We have brought you some sweet, robotics and lovey-dovey happy hug day wishes and messages that will bring a gracing smile on your lover’s face and fill his/her heart with tenderness.

Hug Day Status

Hug Day Status
Hug Day Status

A Hug Is A Love- Doze For Your Heart And Works Like Magic Spells For Your Love Life. Hug The One You Love. Happy Hug Day.

Sometimes Without Any Reason, A Sudden Hug Can Change Someone’s Life. And You Did Mine. Thousands Hug From Me To You My Dear Friend. Happy Hug Day!

I Love You Not For What You Are, But For What You Make Me When I Am With You. Happy Hug Day Sweetheart!

Sometimes Just A Warm Hug Says A Thousand Words That Language Can’t Explain. Happy Hug Day.

Happy Hug Day, Darling. Sending A Warm Hug From The Miles Away To Make You Feel Special.

I Was Waiting For Someone To Come And Hug Me So Tight That All My Broken Heart Pieces Get Affixed, And Then You Came. Happy Hug Day.

Even From A Hundred Mile Away, I Can Feel Your Arms Around Me And The Warm Breath Of Yours On My Shoulder. Happy Hug Day.

Sending You A Gigantic Hug On This Special Eve With Lots Of Love. Happy Hug Day.

A Big Hug To All The People I Love, To All Who Stand By Me In Every Situation. A Warm Wrap Of My Arms Around You My Family And Friends Because You Make My Life Beautiful. Happy Hug Day!

Before Valentine’s Day, I Want To Put My Arm Around You And Share A Hug Because Of That What Brings Us Closer. Happy Hug Day!

Hug Day Status for Facebook

Hug Day Status for Facebook
Hug Day Status for Facebook

The Ultimate Closeness We Share Is Through A Hug And I Want To Share It With You. Happy Hug Day!

Sending You A Warm Hug From Miles Away Because This Hug Day My Arms Will Feel Empty Without You. Happy Hug Day Dear.

Baby, You Are Safe In My Arms; Just Like This, I Will Always Protect You. Happy Hug Day.

Happy Hug Day To My Angel; The Way You Love Me And Come Closer To Give Me A Hug Simply Sets Sparkles In My Heart.

Staying Miles Apart Doesn’t Matter; My Love Will Always Find A Way To Reach You To Give You A Tight Hug. Happy Hug Day.

Hug Is The Most Genuine Emotional Touch That Erases All Worries And Sorrows. This Hug Day I Am Giving You My Warm Hugs To Remove All Negative Energies Of Your Life. Because I Love You So. Happy Hug Day My Girl!

Set The Butterflies Free In My Stomach, Set Sparkle In My Heart. How? Simply Give Me A Warm Hug Because I Need It More Than You Imagine. Happy Hug Day My Angel.

My Snuggling Cupcake, I Am Sending You A Big Warm Hug On Your Way On This Hug Day Because Nothing Makes Me Happy Than Putting My Arms Around You. Happy Hug Day!

Love Me, Kiss Me And Wrap Me In Your Charming Hugs Because They Make My Day. Happy Hug Day.

I Am In Love With You Every Time You Touch Me; I Would Like To Hug You Every Day. Happy Hug Day.

Hug Day Status for WhatsApp

Hug Day Status for WhatsApp
Hug Day Status for WhatsApp

All I Want Is To Spend My Whole Life Being In Your Arms And Die In Your Arms. Happy Hug Day.

In This Barbarous World, I Find Your Arms To Be The Safest Place For Me. Just Keep Me In Your Arms Always. Happy Hug Day.

Your Hug Is The Ultimate Solace For Me, That Is The Cure I Am Looking For When I Am Not Myself. But In This Hug Day, I Am Sending You A Hug Of Mine To Keep You Loved, Always! Happy Hug Day Love.

My Happiest Memory Is When We Hug Each Other For The First Time Because I Feel Your Heartbeat At That Moment For The First Time. Sending You A Big Hug In Memory Of That. Happy Hug Day My Love.

You Are The Magician Who Can Stop The Time And The World By Taking Me In Your Arms. Happy Hug Day Wizard. Hug Me Tighter And Forever.

Hold Me Tight In Your Strong Arms And Make Me Feel Special To You. Happy Hug Day.

It’s Magic Whenever You Hug Me And Pull Me Closer To You. Never Want To Miss A Single Chance To Be Close To You. Happy Hug Day.

I Love It When You Hug Me. That Is More Precious Than The Luxuries, The Chocolates! So, Hug Me Tighter For Life Because I Crave For It Always. Happy Hug Day Dear Love. Your Hug Is Valuable.

Hug Me Every Day And Make My Heart Mush. But Take My Hug First Because It Is Impossible Not To Hug You. Happy Hug Day Love.

The Perks Of Marrying You Is Getting To Hug You Whenever I Want, Wherever I Want. Happy Hug Day Dear Love. Still, I Cannot Get Enough Of You.

Hug Day Status for Instagram

Hug Day Status for Instagram
Hug Day Status for Instagram

Dear Love, I Am Sending You My Hug Because I Know It Has More Power Than Millions Of Unsaid Words. I Love You. Happy Hug Day!

Hey Love Love, Hope You Are On Your Way To Give Me A Hug As I Am Sending You A One Right Now. Because Hug Is Like A Boomerang! I Should Get One Back Instantly. Happy Hug Day.

It Is Very Hard To Stay Angry When You Hug Me, And I LOVE THAT! Happy Hug Day My Love.

Millions And Billions Of Hugs To You My Queen On This Hug Day. You Will Reign My Heart Forever!

All The Small Mischievous Things Of Yours Flutter Y Heart And Make Me Want To Hug You Tight. I Am Sending A Strong Big Hug On This Special Day My Mischief Queen. Happy Hug Day!

I Love Our Marriage Life Because I Get To Hug You Every Day And Let You Know That I Love You Without Even Saying It. Happy Hug Day!

A Deep Hug To Convey My Thanks To You For Coming Into My Life. You Make It Worth Living. Happy Hug Day Dear Love.

You Are So Beautiful, More In Heart Than Your Body. And I Love To Hug You Because I Can Feel Your Heartbeat That Way. Happy Hug Day My Charming Lady.

Hug Me Tighter And Give Me My Solace Beautiful Girl. This Hug Day, I Do Not Want Anything More Than This. Happy Hug Day My Lady!

There Is Always A Shoulder For Me To Lean,
Where You Are!
A Hug That Can Fill Me With Love Is Always There,
Where You Are!
Everything I Can Dream Of Is There,
Where You Are!
Happy Hug Day Darling!

Hug Day Status for Girlfriend

Hug Day Status for Girlfriend
Hug Day Status for Girlfriend

It’s Sweet
It’s Warm
It’s Here
A Warm Hug With The Ocean Of Love And Care
Only For You, Love
Happy Hug Day!

A Lovely Hug To My Darling Hubby All Across The Distance! I Love You A Lot And I Promise To Keep You Secure In My Arms Forever And Ever. Happy Hug Day, Love!

Whenever You Are This Far, There Are The Memories Of The Time You Have Hugged That Brings Smile On My Face. Love You A Lot Sweetheart And Happy Hug Day To You!

Wishing The Warmest And The Happiest Hug Day To My Loving Love! You Are Always There To Hold Me When I Felt Down And Sad. Be Always Like This With Me Honey!

A Warm And Cozy Hug Is The Best Gift That I Can Give To The Macho Boy Of Life. I Am Sure That My Love Will Melt Your Heart. Happy Hug Day, Baby!

Having You In My Life Is The Best Gift That God Has Given Me Ever And I Will Keep My Only Treasure Secure In My Arms Hugging For Lifetime. Happy Hug Day, Sweetheart!

Happy Hug Day Darling! My Arms Ache For You, I Can’t Wait To Hold You In My Arms. Come Soon!

Hubby, You Are My Little Cuddle Bunny Munchkin Whom I Always Wanted To Keep Preserved In My Arms As I Love To Hug You! Happy Hug Day!

A Hug Might Be A Simple Gesture, But It Feels Amazing When It’s You Hugging Me. Happy Hug Day, Darling!

I Know Everything Is Going To Be Okay When I Will Be There To Hug You Because That’s Where My Heart Finds Happiness…. Best Wishes On Hug Day To My Dearest Love.

So that’s all for the Hug Day Status and we hope that you will love them and send them to your lover so that he/she can get to know that how much you love him/her.

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