IPL 2020 – All-Star Match, No-Ball Umpire, Concussion Substitute, and 4th Women Team

IPL 13 News

Recently, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly made it clear that there will be no opening ceremony for IPL 2020. Now IPL 2020 is returning with some new upgrades to this thirteenth season. Yesterday i.e. on Monday 27th January 2020, the IPL Governing Council meeting was held in New Delhi. Both Sourav Ganguly and IPL Governing Council Chairman Brijesh Patel were present in the meeting.

IPL 2020 All-Star Match & Team

As there will be no Opening Ceremony in IPL this year, for a change an All-Star Match is included in IPL 2020. This match will be played between all caped players from four-four teams of IPL. One of the teams might be formed by picking the capped players from north and east of India. This means it will be formed with players from Kings XI Punjab, Rajashtan Royals, Delhi Capitals, and Kolkata Knight Riders.

Another team may be comprised of capped players from south and west of India. So this team will include caped players from Mumbai Indians, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Chennai Super Kings, and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

All-Star Match & IPL 2020 Schedule

Just like IPL 2020 schedule, the date and timing for this All-Star Match IPL 2020 is not revealed yet. Though it is said that the All-Star Match will be played three days prior to the first or opening match of IPL 2020. As per the rumors and leaks the date might be 29th March 2020 as it is rumored that IPL 2020 will begin from 1st April 2020.

ipl 2020 timing, schedule all star match news

No-Ball Umpire & Concussion Substitute

Do you remember Virat Kohli going crazy over the no-ball decision? If yes, then here is another news. A no-ball off-field umpire will be included in this year’s IPL. And the decision is welcomed by the players of all the IPL franchises. So the no-ball umpire will be looking at each and every delivery of the IPL 13 and will declare a no-ball if it will be there.

Also, a concussion substitute will also be allowed now in IPL just like International matches. And here also, like-for-like substitution will be needed. The match referee will be the final authority to make the decision whether or not the like-for-like substitution is made or he can also cancel the substitution if it was not like-for-like.

Women’s IPL 2020

In 2018, IPL started Women’s IPL too. It was started with just two teams back then namely Supernovas and Trailblazers. Only one match was played back then as an exhibition match which ended up in a last-ball thriller won by Supernovas.

After that, last year in 2019, a new team Velocity was added to the Women’s IPL. A total of four matches were played just parallel to Men’s IPL playoffs and final. The Women’s IPL in 2019 was won by Supernovas once again. Now in IPL 2020 of Women’s another team (unnamed yet) will be added to the Women’s IPL and again the match (a total of seven) will be played alongside the playoffs and final of Men’s IPL.

IPL 2020 Timing

There was a lot of fuss regarding the timing of IPL 2020 as the broadcaster Star India wants the night matches to start an hour early as most of them will end up past midnight. But many teams were not in favor of this as it could result in an advantage for some teams due to the presence of dew. So the timing remains unchanged for now and also the rumor of a match a day only was kept aside as there will be four doubleheaders (afternoon and night both matches in a day) this season too.

Which team do you think is going to win IPL 2020? Write the name in the comment section below.

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