PUBG Mobile Unban in India | How to Update PUBG Mobile 1.0 in India | PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royal Pass Leaks (1RP-100RP confirmed)

How to get PUBG Mobile 1.0 Update in India?

Hey PUBG Mobile fans there is exciting news for you regarding the PUBG Mobile Unban in India as there is official news about it and also the PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royal Pass leaks are here. So sit back calmly and go ahead with the article.

PUBG Mobile is recently banned in India and that costs Tencent a whooping 64 Billion Dollars loss in just 4 to 5 days. This is a big loss to the company. What is more noticeable thing is that the eSports and the Professional gamers in India are much more affected by this ban. The Indian government banned 118 Chinese apps including PUBG Mobile on 2nd September 2020.


To counter this ban PUBG Corporation Ltd. and Tencent officials met Indian government and discussed the issue within. The government might give a clear indication to the officials that they need to come up with something that is in favour of both India and the game itself and also with the proper Data Privacy Policy.

Everyone was quite till 7th September 2020, as on this day PUBG officially announced the PUBG Mobile Unban news. You can check the whole article here. The major point of the news is “PUBG Corporation Ltd. parting ways with Tencent in India though they remain partners for the global version.” They also mentioned that very soon PUBG Mobile will hit back the Indian gaming circuit.

There are speculations that just like PUBG Mobile Korea, PUBG Mobile Vietnam, and Game for Peace (PUBG Mobile China) there will be an Indian version of the game that will hit the Indian gaming community very soon. So this is all about the PUBG Unban News.

The official PUBG Mobile 1.0 New Era Update rolls out globally and with that, the PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royal Pass leaks (1RP-100RP) also make it to the list. Here is a video that tells us all about the PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royal Pass leaks which are 100% confirmed (from 1RP-100RP).

So enjoy the leaks and do let us know in the comment section what are your thoughts on PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royal Pass leaks, do you like PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royal Pass or not.

Also, check out the description of the video on YouTube to know how to update PUBG Mobile 1.0 in India with just a single click.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royal Pass Leaks (1RP-100RP) Confirmed

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royal Pass Leaks (1RP-100RP confirmed)

Video Credits – Noob Engineers Gaming


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