PUBG Mobile Season 12 New Building in Erangel and Royal Pass Leaks

PUBG to Celebrate 2nd Anniversary with Season 12

PUBG Mobile Season 12 Rewards, Themes Update

[Update] The latest leaks about the PUBG Mobile as leaked by the famous leakster Classified YT is here. You can check all the latest leaks that include the PUBG Mobile Season 12 New Secret Building in Erangel. Also, there is all the details about Season 12 Royal Pass, Tier Rewards, Crates, and Emotes.

Here are the new leaks –

PUBG Mobile Season 12 – Tier Rewards, New Crates and Guns Skin

The new season theme is expected to be based on the neon color theme. There will be a new Groza Neon Based Skin awaiting for all the Royal Pass buyers when they reached Diamond Tier and play 5 matches there. There will also be a Groza Upgradable skin in the crate opening too which will the first one for this gun.

Another M416 Upgradable skin is waiting for you in the crates this season. The first M762 Upgradable skin is also there in the crates in the coming Season 12 of PUBG Mobile. A ScarL upgradable skin is also there with the lucky spin.

Watch this video for more and in-deep details –

New Secret Building in Erangel Map (in Update 0.17.0)

A new classic mode will be there with the PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 Update. It will bring the Anniversary Classic Mode that will have a new secret building where you can play games and get a wingsuit that can make you fly in the air.

Here is a video on this new secret building in Erangel Map –

New Companion and Emotes

You will get a whole new companion, As currently, you can have a Falcon Bird companion there is a Dog Companion coming too in the next season i.e. PUBG Mobile Season 12 update. Charged Armour will be a new Mythic Emote that might come along with the 100RP.

Rhythm Rider is a new dancing emote which might be coming at level 40. Here is a new video on it –

[Regular Story]>>>

The new and the latest season that is PUBG Mobile Season 11 has just begun with some awesome and amazing rewards and themes. The introduction of Domination mode and Team Death Match Arena is quite welcomed by a majority of the users who were missing the old Team Death Match. Now it’s time for the PUBG Mobile Season 12 Rewards and Theme.

In current season 11, the rewards include the MK14 skin at 1RP and the inclusion of M416 skin is what makes the players go crazy about this season’s Royal Pass. This gun (M416) is very much used by almost every player in PUBG and players are crazy to have a premium skin of this gun. But after much wait, finally, PUBG creators listen to the players and include the skin for the Royal Pass buyers.

In March last year, PUBG celebrated its first anniversary with some great and awesome goodies, rewards, and themes. Now the second anniversary is also expected to bring some remarkable and overwhelming rewards and themes. A big renovation is expected by the players during this second anniversary season.

PUBG Mobile Season 12 Rewards and Themes

Mr. Ghost Gaming is a well-known leakster of PUBG Mobile goodies. Like last season, Mr. Ghost Gaming now revealed that the upcoming PUBG Mobile Season 12 will bring up the “2Gether We Play” title and will have some colorful themes coming too. There will be some new player icons and stickers coming too.

Mr. Ghost Gaming also exposed that all new “Bike Workshop” will also be coming and it can be upgradable to level three. The Season 12 rewards will likely include the UC as usual, 3 different skins, two male skins, a glowing battle suit, a purple color cat skin and to make players go fanatical again another skin of M416 gun will also be there revealed Mr. Ghost Gaming. There is also a G36C gun skin this season.

All the rewards will be available to be grabbed through a lucky draw once the PUBG Mobile Season 12 begins. There is a rumor about the presence of new Scar-L skin. Season 11 will end on 3rd March 2020 and after a few days, the PUBG Mobile Season 12 rewards and themes will be available as the new season will begin.

You can expect a completely revamped lobby just like what happened during the 1st anniversary of PUBG Mobile. Even you can expect more to happen as no one knows yet what PUBG Mobile can bring and how the creators are going to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of PUBG Mobile. Though there are rumors that a new Death Cam and an Extreme Cold Mode will be there with the new 0.17.0 update which is rumored to be released in China.

PUBG Mobile Season 12 Rewards and Themes Leaked coming soon

The death cam is already available on PUBG PC and it shows how the enemy killed you and this will be a boon to check whether the enemy was a hacker or not.

Another rumored thing is the Extreme Cold Mode which is expected to be similar to Darkest Night Mode the only difference is that in this new mode there will be no zombies instead players will be killed by extreme cold.

Mr. Ghost Gaming made it clear that the developers of PUBG Mobile haven’t included the Erangle 2.0 which is the much-awaited update.

Here is a video from the Youtube channel of Mr. Ghost Gaming do check it –

Once we get more updates on PUBG Mobile Season 12 rewards and themes, we will update you with the same.

Till then play hard and have a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner…

Video Source – Classified YT

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